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JoyHorowitz Couldn’t agree more, judging from our fantastic new crop of @USCAnnenberg students.
JoyHorowitz RT @brockwalsh: @JoyHorowitz it don't get no better!
JoyHorowitz When your nephew’s 7-year-old daughter is reading the book you wrote about her great-great grandmas! Thank you elca…
JoyHorowitz RT @Acosta: This is one of my greatest worries about attacks on the press from the admin. Beyond the obvious falsehood in slamming our stor…
JoyHorowitz RT @matthewamiller: Stunning. Would like to hear what Rosenstein has to say about this.
JoyHorowitz RT @ScottHech: As the Right tries to sell “Bad behavior of a 17 y/o has no bearing on a 53 y/o,” remember they overwhelmingly support polic…
JoyHorowitz When your cousin has #ALS on her anniversary, everyone steps up -- especially @SurvivorPenner. How much do I love t…

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