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JoyHorowitz RT @AndreiCherny: The following is a true story. It's an American story. Maybe the most American story. Stick around to the end.
JoyHorowitz RT @Stephanie_In_SD: @BillKristol Agree. I know we can’t implement in the US, but I think Indonesia’s answer is brilliant. Punishment for b…
JoyHorowitz RT @marceelias: It turns out this is not even close to the craziest story about the Trump legal team today.
JoyHorowitz RT @ABC: "We're making the changes that we want to see," one voter said.
JoyHorowitz In scathing opinion, federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania - The Washington Post
JoyHorowitz RT @TheRealHoarse: Man, Judge Brann pulled no punches in smacking down Rudy’s nonsensical and poorly argued case in Pennsylvania. This is…
JoyHorowitz RT @nytimes: Breaking News: A federal judge dismissed President Trump’s last major legal bid to delay Pennsylvania’s vote certification, sa…
JoyHorowitz Happy Saturday, y’all

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