• Trump shrank the monument by 1 million acres to allow drilling and mining. Can a lawsuit stop him?

    PROTECTION for Bears Ears National Monument, seen here from a lookout in Moab, Utah, is the heart of a lawsuit filed by tribes and environmentalists. (Jim Lo Scalzo European Press Agency)\
  • los angeles timesJust when I thought the last vestige of life as I've loved it -- meaning life with an inviting bookstore nearby -- was ending, I found hope. First, there was the president in Iowa City, making front-page news because he was browsing in a bookstore. That photograph of him so cheered my Facebook friends, who posted it like crazy, that I wondered if something more was happening here than people clicking a button that said "like."

  • Gerald “Carp” Carpenter, known as Mr. C.

    Gerald “Carp” Carpenter, known as Mr. C., from the 1970 Beverly Hills High School yearbook, “The Watchtower.”
    (Courtesy of Joy Horowitz)

  • los angeles times

  • women singing tenor

    Choral singing has long had a gender-bending history, but women singing tenor is a recent phenomenon.
    (Chris Maddaloni / CQ Roll Call via Getty Images)

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